All the corners of our earth are facing deep problems and disasters related to climate change. In Turkey as well, flash floods, drought, decreasing groundwater and scorching heat are threatening our daily bread, our water, and our life.

Still, it is possible to stop climate change before it is too late. Humanity has the necessary tools and policies for that.

However, the governments under the influence of multinational corporations are avoiding any effective and fair fight against human induced climate change. Just for the sake of upholding the current system based on making ever more profit all living beings are thrown at great risk.

Today, we are at a crossroads and we choose to take action together with the whole world against the conspiratorial silence and carelessness of the corporations and the governments .

Last September, during the UN Climate Summit 2014, millions of people from all around the world accompanied the more than 400.000 people who were on the streets of New York to defend the earth, and the future. Now, once again, we are coming together and we are inviting everybody to say “I am in, too, for the climate” and join the struggle.

Come, let us join the struggle before the international negotiations towards a new and binding climate agreement are held in Paris in November-December 2015.

Come, let us mobilize for the climate. Let’s show that we have the power to change the world – the power that the self-proclaimed leaders of the world do not seem to possess.

Come, let us build together a new movement that demands a fair and sustainable future for all.

Come, let us all take to the streets to shout that we bear responsibility for all the living beings on earth.

Because, change is necessary and possible!

Because, we are in, too, for the climate!

Because, we are the world!